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The Levy Family Society (registered association)
You are welcome on the WEB-pages of the Levy -families. These pages will connect peoples all over Finland and world, originating from Suojärvi, Karelia.
Karelia was under attack during WWII. Also Suojärvi was strongly involved. Have a closer look at Tolvajrvi-Suojrvi battle during the WW2

Family Summit the 2. July 2016 in Kuopio
Again we gathered to celebrate Levy-Family summit, sixth on the row. Over sixty participants enjoyed good food and high level organized celebration. Also, this was the second time we held the Family-association summit. New board members were elected, too. As well the new Levy-family book was published.

Trip to Suojärvi 2014
Between the 27th-30th July 2014, we made a bus trip to Suojärvi. The first night was spent in Sortavala, and tho two next ones in Suojärvi. In our program we had a music concert in Veskelys village. A local woman choir presented us traditional songs in original Karelian language.
Also, we visited the new, beautifull church of Suojärvi. The memorial stone was still on its location at Jehkilä.
As well we found (at last) the path to the Kuikkaniemi grave yard, where the memorial crosses of war victims were seen.